Colorado Issues - Colorado Board of Education

March 29, 2015

Debora Scheffel, a member of the Colorado State Board of Education, speaks about issues facing education including Common Core, choices in public education, and the controversial Healthy Kids Survey.

Colorado Issues - Red Cross

March 22, 2015

 March is Red Cross Month and many businesses are donating part of their income to the Red Cross.  Robin Finegan from the Red Cross tells how your patronage of these businesses can help them in their work, and discusses the full range of services and volunteer opportunities offered by the Red Cross. 

Colorado Issues - Invisible Disabilities

March 15, 2015

Wayne Connell from Invisible Disabilities  discusses the  burden carried by people who have ailments that are not readily observable by others, and the things that family and friends can do to sensitively deal with them.

Colorado Issues - Hep C Connection

March 8, 2015

Millions of people are carrying the hepatitis C virus without even knowing it.  Nancy Steinfurth from Hep C Connection tells how to find out and what to do about it.