Colorado Issues - Winter Pet Safety

November 29, 2015

Mean Rees from the Denver Dumb Friends League gives very important tips for keeping pets safe during the winter. 

Colorado Issues - Alice Training Institute

November 22, 2015

Alice Training Institute conducts training classes throughout the country teaching people how to survive an active shooter event.

Colorado Issues - Jefferson County Health Department

November 15, 2015

Christine Schmidt from the Jefferson County Health Department gives important information about flu shots and other winter health issues.

Colorado Issues - Small Business Administration

November 8, 2015

Chris Chavez from the Small Business Administration has advice for business owners on things that need to be considered when applying for business loans. 

Colorado Issues - End-of-Life Pet Care

November 1, 2015

Grief is very real and often overwhelming when a family pet dies.  Veterinarians Dr. Larry Magnuson and Dr. Kelly Knoll talk about their work in end-of-life pet care.