Colorado Issues - Scholastic Survey on Student Reading Habits - May 21, 2017

May 21, 2017

Deimosa Webber-Bey, librarian for Scholastic, Inc., describes a major survey of students and parents on student reading habits and attitudes, and a Scholastic-sponsored program promoting summer reading.  Additional information,

Colorado Issues - Governor John Hickenlooper, Recovery Plans for Future Disasters - May 14, 2017

May 14, 2017

The Colorado Resiliency and Recovery Office was formed following the recent floods and fires to put a framework in place to not only recover from a future disaster, but to make things better than before the disaster.  The work of the office won the “Gold 2017 National Planning Achievement Award for Environmental Planning” from the American Planning Association.  Governor John Hickenlooper describes the framework in light of the word “resiliency” which is part of the official name of the office which will direct all future disasters.

For details, see

Colorado Issues - American Planning Association Awards Colorado for Flood and Fire Response - May 5, 2017

May 7, 2017

The Chair of the APA jury that awarded Colorado the Environmental Planning Achievement Award, Shedrick Coleman, tells what impressed the jury about Colorado’s response to recent floods and fires.  The award went to the Resiliency and Recovery Office which is cited as an example for other states and government entities in environmental planning.  Information online at

Colorado Issues - Furry Scurry May 6th - April 30, 2017

April 30, 2017

Maia Brusseau from the Denver Dumb Friends League discusses the upcoming Furry Scurry dog walk and the work of the DDFL. or

Colorado Issues - Minority & Women’s Business Expo - April 23, 2017

April 23, 2017

Lee Gash-Maxey from the Colorado Black Chamber of Commerce discusses the work of the 6 affinity chambers of commerce coming together to present the 2017 Business Expo May 11th at Mile High Stadium.

Colorado Issues - Pacemaker-like Device Treats Obesity - April 16, 2017

April 16, 2017

Dr. Frank Chae, Chief Surgeon at Sky Ridge Medical Center, and his patient, Cindy Hudak, discuss how the pacemaker-like “vBloc Neurometabolic” device controlled her overeating, changing a lifetime of being overweight.  Dr. Chae discusses the causes of obesity, and Ms. Hudak describes her emotional and psychological responses as she gave herself to the therapy. 

Colorado Issues - Mi Casa Resource Center – Women’s Business Center of the Year- April 2, 2017

April 2, 2017

Elena Vasconez, the Director of Business Development Programs at Mi Casa joins Michele Soli, Manager of Communications, to discuss their work in Denver that resulted in this national Small Business Administration award.

Colorado Issues - Multiple Myeloma Awareness Week - March 26, 2017

March 26, 2017

Dr. Matous is the medical director for the Colorado Blood Cancer Institute at Presbyterian St. Lukes Medical Center, an associate clinical professor of medicine at the CU Health Sciences Center, and lead investigator in clinical trials in the areas of Multiple Myeloma.  He discusses the current progress of the fight against Multiple Myelomas, and resources available in the Denver area and elsewhere for victims and their families.

Colorado Issues - Legalized Marijuana & Public Safety - March 19, 2017

March 19, 2017

Jeff Hunt from the Centennial Institute at Colorado Christian University cites disturbing statistics since recreational marijuana became legal in Colorado.  He details a strategy the Centennial Institute has initiated to address the effects of marijuana use on public safety and the well-being of families.

Colorado Issues - Community Resources Offers Mentoring for DPS Students- March 12, 2017

March 12, 2017

Laura Kent runs the mentoring program in which members of the community do short-term mentoring of serious-minded gifted DPS students.  Laura describes the program and what students and mentors qualify, and tells some of the many success stories that have resulted.  For more information go to