Life in Colorado - Cyber Security - November 11, 2018

November 11, 2018

Cyber security has been in the news alot recently. Facebook breaches, stores paying customer data being stolen, and of course email hacking on the political scene. But personally cyber security is a matter of using preventative methods. This week we speak with Madison Carter a certified financial planner. She gives the facts, dispels the fiction, and teaches you how to protect yourself from unseen threats.

Life in Colorado - Daddy Bruce and Denver Feed A Family Foundation - November 4, 2018

November 4, 2018

The season of giving is almost upon us. Time to look outside and see how you can help your neighbors and your community. This week we feature Denver Feed A Family Foundation. The group's origins date back to Denver legend Daddy Bruce Randolph. He was a community activist before the word existed. Yearly he would feed the hunger in North Denver. One man. One mission. And mission continues to this day. Pastor Jeff Kanost talks with us about the legacy of this great man. And talks about the current efforts to combat hunger in the Denver metro area.

Life in Colorado - Amendment 74 - October 28, 2018

October 28, 2018

Midterm elections are right around the corner.  There are several amendments and propositions that need voter attention. This week we spotlight Amendment 74. It's the compensation to owners for decreased property value due to state regulation initiative. With our area rapidly growing the threat of imminent domain is still a reality. But how the government will compensation you for personal property losses it still an issue on the table. Former lobbyist and think tank fellow Kelly Sloan joins us to sort through the pros and cons of Amendment 74.

Life in Colorado - Life In Colorado Part Three - Joey Porcelli How To Write Your Memoirs - October 19, 2018

October 21, 2018

This is week we wrap up our Colorado Authors Series with Joey Porcelli. She is an award winning author who teaches others how to write their memoirs. The class is taught at the Arvada Center. The size and capacity are limited. A new session starts in January. Ms. Porcelli shares her journey to writing and how she helps others find their way with the self descriptive word.

Life in Colorado - Dr. Ellen Kingman Fisher - October 14, 2018

October 14, 2018

This week is Part 2 of our Colorado Authors Series. We sit down with Dr. Ellen Kingman Fisher author of the award winning novel "Hill's Gold". The book is set in the 1860s in Colorado. Dr. Fisher used qualitative research methods to gather information and writings about Nathaniel and his wife Alice. The books has found several awards.

Life in Colorado - Colorado Author Series - Scott Sterling - Oct 8, 2018

October 7, 2018

Our Colorado Authors Series starts this week with Denver author Scott Sterling and his book Teenage Degenerate. It's the true story of Sterling's life in Denver Metro as a hard partying teen in the 1990's. His drug of choice was crystal methamphetamine. His journey gritty. His story is unforgettable. Listener discretion is advised.

Life in Colorado - Clean The Air Foundation - Sep 30, 2018

September 30, 2018

As Colorado's population continues to grow there will be growing pains.  Air population is one of those pains. According to state health reports the two air pollutants that cause the most problems in Colorado are ground level ozone and PM2.5. But we can take control. Clean The Air Foundation is a nonprofit that helps Colorado citizens who suffer from asthma or other environment-related breathing disorders by improving the air in which we breathe. This week we sit down with Clean The Air Foundation director Mark Zeigler. He discusses the need for the program and how the group is helping young people with scholarship  opportunities.

Life in Colorado - National Fall Prevention Awareness Week - Sep 23, 2018

September 23, 2018

The statistics for adults falls as related to fatalities is staggering. Not just the Emergency room visits but the precipitating health effects. This week we look at the numbers and get some medical expertise from acclaimed medical physician Dr. Jonathan Zonca. He lays out the facts and slides in some advice on monitoring drug interactions. 

Life In Colorado - National Suicide Prevention Week - September 16, 2018

September 16, 2018

This week is National Suicide Prevention Week. Over the last few years suicide rates increased nationally and in our state. Currently Colorado is ranked ninth in the nation for suicide fatalities. We speak with Andrew Romanoff. He is the President and CEO for the non-profit group Mental Health Colorado. He shares his insights on this alarming trend and the steps his organization is taking to raise awareness and provide avenues of hope.


Life in Colorado - Emergency Preparedness Month and the 2013 Colorado Flood - Sep 9, 2018

September 9, 2018

September is National Preparedness Month. We take a look back at the 2013 Colorado Flood that impacted the region. We are joined by guests Natriece Bryant and Iain Hyde from DOLA. They discuss the impact of the 2013 flood and the steps taken since to limit devastation in the future. We talk about how you can be prepared when an emergency happens.