Colorado Issues - I Am Invisible No More - February 4, 2018

February 4, 2018

If you have a disability that is not perceivable to other people, you know how frustrating it can be to get people to understand that you’re not able to always function in the way others expect of you.  Your disability is invisible to others, but there are also times when you feel that your personhood is also invisible.  Invisible Disabilities is an organization that helps such people.  Wayne Connell discusses a video contest giving people with invisible disabilities an opportunity to explain what they go through.  Get further information on the contest online at  For more information on Invisible Disabilities, the website is   

Colorado Issues - Grants to Worthy Organizations that help Veterans - Jan 28, 2018

January 28, 2018

Veterans Passport to Hope, or “VP2H,” is an organization that provides grants to worthy non-profit organizations which help veterans.   Non-profits are first investigated by VP2H to determine that donations are managed well and with integrity.  Then worthy organizations providing a variety of “help up” products and services for veterans become eligible for VP2H grants.  Joe Lovett from Veterans Passport to Hope talks about the grant program and some of the non-profits with which VP2H cooperates.  A fund-raiser is taking place February 22 at the Cable Center to fund the grants.  For more information, go online to

Colorado Issues - Imagine 2020 Cultural Plan - Dec 31, 2017

December 31, 2017

Ginger White Brunetti, deputy director at Denver Arts and Venues, gives an update on Denver’s cultural plan “Imagine 2020.”  Planning started in 2014 by getting input from people engaged in all areas of the arts.  Now, at the beginning of 2018, the year 2020 is fully in view and the plan is fully in effect.  Ginger details the progress and accomplishments of Imagine 2020 to date and the challenges that exist moving forward. 

Colorado Issues - Funds Available For Low Income Homeowners - December 24, 2017

December 24, 2017

Shannon McGinty from the Denver Urban Renewal Authority details rehab funds and programs available to qualifying homeowners, and a new project in conjunction with Denver Water to check water pipes for lead.  For more information, go online to

Colorado Issues - Mitzy Perdue - Tips on Keeping Family Holiday Gatherings Non-Toxic - Dec 17, 2017

December 17, 2017

Mitzy Perdue is the wife of the late Frank Perdue of Perdue Chicken and the daughter of the co-founder of the Sheraton Hotels, and an expert at keeping families with divergent political views from exploding into warfare at holiday gatherings.  She gives her insights for this holiday season, and explains how those same insights can empower and sustain family businesses. She is the author of How To Make Your Family Business Last. For more information, go to (if you can keep a secret, she is offering the book at a special secret price to our listeners at  Shhhhh


Colorado Issues - The Consequences of Pride and Power Gone Amuck - December 10, 2017

December 10, 2017

Rand Robison was an extremely successful insurance salesman and business owner who “got too full of himself” and began believing the accolades that came his way.  He ended up in prison.  He believes the root of his problem was pride, which allowed him to disregard warning signs that went off when he started doing things he knew were wrong.  He details his story in From Pride to Prison: A Cautionary Tale, by A. Rand Robison, available at Amazon.  The problem of pride, Robison says, is at the root of today’s biggest news stories detailing sexual misconduct and other failures of powerful people in the media, in Hollywood, in politics, and on your own street.  More information at

Colorado Issues - Bessie’s Hope – One-on-One Interactive Companionship for Nursing Homes Patients - December 3, 2017

December 3, 2017

Bessie’s Hope finds and trains volunteers ranging from school age kids to adults who provide interactive companionship with elders in nursing homes.  Linda Holloway co-founded Bessie’s Hope in honor of her grandmother to provide meaningful interaction with elders who often feel like they have nothing to offer.  Invariably, both resident and volunteer come to know each appreciates the other.

For information, go online to

Colorado Issues - Colorado Nonprofit Helps the Lost Boys of Sudan - November 26, 2017

November 26, 2017

Arok Garang is one of the "lost boys of Sudan" who now lives in Colorado and founded the Seeds of South Sudan to provide schooling for refugees of South Sudan like himself.  He and Roger Vadeen, a supporter of the Seeds of South Sudan, detail the situation in that region, and Arok's efforts to secure the future of South Sudan by developing future leaders through refugee scholarships to a boarding school in neighboring Kenya.  More information is available at Sees of South   

Colorado Issues - IRS Scams - Nov 19, 2017

November 19, 2017

IRS Spokesperson Karen Connelly offers simple steps to help protect yourself from identity theft and scams impersonating IRS agents and targeting your tax returns.  National Tax Security Awareness Week is November 27 through December 1.  More information online at

Colorado Issues - Lisa Rodgers, Winner of the “Oscar of Teaching” - November 12, 2017

November 12, 2017

The Milken Educator Award is a national teaching award presented by the Milken Family Foundation.  Lisa Rodgers, a teacher at Grandview High School in the Cherry Creek School District, is one of only a handful of teachers nationally who received the Milken Award for 2017.  She discusses the things she learned that have contributed to her success as a teacher and offers advice to teachers and aspiring teachers.