Life in Colorado

Gail Hamilton Author and Inspirational Speaker

October 14, 2019

Gail believes that “Our desire to fly must be bigger than our fear of falling.” Gail holds a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Master of Music degree in vocal performance, and a Master of Arts degree in psychology and counseling. As a speaker, author, facilitator, performer, and teacher, Gail has empowered, and inspired others to see their opportunities, choices, passion, creativity, and to live a life of greatness. Gail’s autobiography: “Soaring into Greatness: a Blind Woman’s Vision to Live her Dreams and Fly” is a personal memoire of courage, truth, perseverance and determination. It reveals how Gail lost most of her sight at birth, became totally blind at age eleven, sang the leading roles in “La Boheme” and “La Traviata” while in graduate school, lost her Self in a relationship, found her independence and dignity with having four Seeing Eye dogs.  Gail gives some valuable insights for those with sight in how to react to Seeing Eye Dogs.