Life in Colorado

The Tire Mom

October 20, 2019

Diana Hubner,  The Tire Mom LLC, is on a mission to educate the public about tire safety and she is touring the country to promote her new book, Tire Mom: A Journey of Hurting, Helping and Healing. Traveling across the country to create tire safety awareness, she  hosted her first book signing event this past Thursday, October 17 in Denver  Last year, she purchased a set of tires for a family in each of the 50 states, some of them perfect strangers, to help heal from the death of her husband in a tire-related accident. Her book is the story of that journey.

As a stay-at-home mom who simply wanted to learn more about tires after the loss of her husband, she set out to learn from the experts. In addition to sharing her newfound knowledge about how to read the manufacture date on tires, Tire Mom is also the story of how Diana channeled her grief into helping others stay safe on the road.